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1. Best Selling Book on Amazon: Abundance Train

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2. Abundance Today: 365 Days Unstoppable Abundance Calendar and Planner, July – September 2019


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“Purposeful & Profitable Niche Secrets” Coaching Program

 Online Course + Live Coaching Sessions + Private Community Support



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Abundant Visibility & Impact Coaching Program



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Abundance U Inner Circle

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Honors and Testimonials of Spring Zheng,

Abundance and Thought Leadership Coach, Amazon Best Selling Author, Award-Winning Speaker.
Spring is an expert on uplifting your vision, accelerating your business growth, revealing your purposeful & profitable niche, and building your abundant impact in the market.
She is the Founder of Spring Magic Life Society, Inc., and a Mentor for international entrepreneurs, executives and mastermind groups.



Honors and Interviews:

  • 2019 June, Harvard Club of Boston, Experts Summit Outstanding Speaker Award 
  • 2019 February, Nasdaq Jumbotron Highlighted Thought Leader and Speaker
  • 2017 Best Year Yet Giveaway Campaign’s Leaderboard: Top 3 on Most Responsive Lists
  • Recognized as Germaine Moody’s 50 Favorite People of 2012
  • Nominated for Very Inspiring Blogger in 2011
  • Contributing Author in best selling book “50 Seeds of Greatness”
  • Interviewed by Al Diaz about “The Secret to an Abundant Life” on, who is an internationally recognized Visionary, Keynote Speaker, Author, Radio Host and Film Producer
  • Interviewed by Elaine Williams, a talented Speaking Coach.  “Entrepreneurship on Purpose and Passion
  • Interviewed by Briana Cavanaugh, the Financial Breakthrough Coach, for “Bliss Your Biz” Podcast
  • Interviewed by Ronald Couming on “Internet Marketing and Business Solutions” radio show about “How to Create an Abundant Life and Business”
  • Interviewed by Relationship Coach and Author Mai Vu and featured on “Hot Life Hot Love Thought Leaders
  • Interviewed by Mike Saunders from Influential Entrepreneurs and featured on Business Innovators Radio Network. Unleash Your Magnetic Power as An Expert and Leader in your field!
  • Interviewed by Legacy Leadership Podcast on Facebook Live, hosted by Robert Heath
  • Interviewed by Connie Benjamin author and podcast host on My Fire Within: How to create an abundant life to truly serve
  • Interviewed by Tanya Lacy on her Positivity Show: Life’s twists and turns, a transformational journey worthy sharing!


Eric Lyons, Security Consultant, and Founder of Hope For The Silent Voices


Stephen Whiteley, Happiness Works Coach, Master, Author and Speaker


Dina Marais, Transformation Coach for Women Entrepreneurs, Author, Speaker


Connie Sands, The Hot Money Relationship Coach 


Steve Garvin, Story Strategist for Visionary Leaders at Change Thru Story with Steve Garvin


Eileen Roth, a Professional Speaker, Corporate Trainer & Organizing Expert


Dave Nassaney, Life Coach, Bestselling Author, and Award-Winning Speaker

“Spring’s story is so powerful! I’ve never heard a story as powerful as hers. Her speech is, oh my Gosh, I’m going to remember her speech for the rest of my life! She is a great transformational speaker. In all the speakers I’ve heard of at Harvard, I rank her number 1. She is helping so many people. She can help you be transformed in your life!”


Connie Benjamin, Author and Podcast Host on My Fire Within

“Thank you Spring so much for being such an incredible guest on My Fire Within Radio. Spring’s courage to share her incredible story about one of the most difficult points in her life and how it set her on a path of Abundance is truly inspiring…Powerful content… I’m so grateful for all Spring does to help people step into their purpose. The stories she tells help to illustrate the principles that help to set us free to create the truly abundant life that is waiting for us.”


Sambit Mishra, Investment Technology Expert, Partner of Alicia Project

“Spring helped me tremendously with my personal growth, with my career and in navigating through various highly complex and critical decisions and opportunities. I highly recommend her coaching for anyone who wishes to take their life and business to the next level.”


Debs Carling, Founder of Free Flying Poet

“Sensational. Spring is a breath of fresh air. Genuine, and passionate about what she does and very professional. I am so glad I asked her to help me. She has a tremendous energy that triggers a great strength in others. 5 stars.”


Amit Deokule, Executive Leadership Coach, Master Spirit Life Coach, Musician

“While completing the five day challenge in Spring’s Abundant Entrepreneurs community I found the questions far superior and with the right perspective channelizing exact vision. The process Spring has established is perfect example of abundant thinking. By way of carrying out this mission, she has been successful in empowering other entrepreneurs into very positive mindset. Spring helped me set up the new perspective to remove my mind barrier about my age and skills in people‘s judgement which I was able to observe because of my versatility, change my promotional style, and focus on a determined vision. Spring’s blueprint platform will support one to gain the clear niche, vision, targets and take strategic and diligent actions in business to succeed! Thank you Spring for this interesting journey!”


Sheryl Bernstein, Creative Clarity Coach & Muse at Sheryl Bernstein Coaching, Creator of “Elegant Power” and “Think UP!”

“When I was invited to take “Your Passion-based Million Dollar Business Quiz”. At first I thought I didn’t need it, because I’m a Clarity Coach, and I do 1:1 sessions, meeting my clients wherever they’re stuck and need help, to get clarity, confidence and power for their next moves. And I love it. So I felt I knew my passion. But then I thought, hmm….maybe It can help me in another way. Because I want to create a group program that would teach many at one time, and was trying to figure out how to do that. How can I take what I do on an individual basis, and that work for a group? What is the core of what I do? What are the things I love to teach and coach on? Just taking the quiz and answering the questions brought me greater clarity. Taking the time to think and answer those questions was a very good exercise. It helped me zero in on what I do, how it can work on a bigger level. The essence of it. And then the wonderful Decoding Session I had with Spring on Zoom (so we could see each other) brought even more clarity. Funny~ that I’m a Creative Clarity Coach and I can bring clarity and sureness of Best Next Moves to others… was wonderful to have a coach like Spring help bring clarity to me and my continuing business growth. Thank you Spring!”


Charlotte Anderson, Operations Management and Leadership Coach at Transformation Keys, LLC

“I subscribed to a coaching session with Spring through a FB advertisement. During our session she helped me to focus on an area of clarity that I need in my business which is a specific target market and niche. Through our conversation she helped me better clarify and narrow the target market and terminology that would resonate with my client. I am also a coach so I understand the strategy and methodology of coaching. Spring followed coaching protocol asking deep and relevant questions to help guide me lead me to my solutions and conclusions.”


Angela Tennison, Leadership Coach

“I did enjoy today’s coaching. I really feel that I can’t wait until the program starts, because I am very excited about clarifying my niche, and I am really confident that in just a few weeks I will be launching off my greatest year ever! The best values I got from this coaching is Clarity around the steps that I need to do next, and knowing that I’ll be supported along the way! I can’t wait! Thank you Spring!”


Shirah Chanter, Relationship Coach and High-Achieving Teens Mentor

“Hi Spring, I thank you so much for the call this morning. You helped me further define my niche for teenagers. After talking with you, I figured out that my focus for teens is on personal development and growth instead of love & relationships. Also, I gained clarity to understand that although there are four niches I would like to work on, I should work on one niche at a time to get the best results. Merry Christmas!”


Steve Garvin, Story Strategist for Visionary Leaders at Change Thru Story with Steve Garvin

“Spring, thank you for doing the webinar! You did a bang-up job and the information you provided was awesome. It’s nice to see your success with having traveled the road I’m headed on. I’m just starting out in business, and I’m experiencing the typical struggles of going from idea to launch to abundance. I attended your webinar because I want to create an abundant business. I enjoyed your teaching with fantastic models, niche strategies and step-by-step solutions on how to do that. What I wasn’t expecting, though, was how much value you provided in building an abundant life as well. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and your experience. Very encouraging. I look forward to continuing learning from and working with you. I’m sure the people who attend will get awesome value out of your webinars and your training! I would highly recommend Spring and her Abundance coaching to entrepreneurs who want to fulfill a meaningful life and business!”


Eric Lyons, Security Director for a Top Energy Company in US, and Founder of Hope For The Silent Voices

“Before I met Spring, part of my problem was not understanding how to nor having the courage and confidence to be assertive with my dreams for success. I wanted abundance but had no clear plan of action to move towards receiving and achieving it. I craved success but couldn’t define it nor had the conviction and belief I deserved it. I read some materials from Spring about personal happiness. This concept had been elusive to me for so long and I wasn’t sure it was possible to achieve. Abundance couldn’t come for me until Spring helped me take ownership in my own happiness. 

Spring helped me move through walls I had constructed throughout the course of my life that were impediments to my growth and ability to receive abundance. My self-talk has improved and I am learning more and more to listen less to the voice that doubts my tremendous capabilities for greatness. Plus, she has helped shine a spotlight on my need to distinctly prioritize and take the time to do the things necessary to achieve greatness. It doesn’t just come like I had hoped so long that it would. I needed to play more of a concerted role in this happening. 

Spring’s coaching helped open new opportunities for me. As far as the job I was interested and considering, I walked into the meeting with confidence and a sureness about my path that if it were to be an offer then I was deserving of a good one. And it was a leadership role with 6-figure offering, far more than I had ever made before, and far more than anyone had offered to ME in my life. Success!!! 
Spring has also been instrumental in helping me develop a positive and assertive leadership style that is firm, fair and productive. I used to fear success but that is being replaced by confidence from the coaching sessions. 
I also founded and manage a nonprofit business in the free time that presents itself. With newfound time management skills and confidence I am better able to handle and delegate the tasks necessary to thrive. 
Spring and I are now working on my development of a security company business which I know will thrive in the coming years given the skills I am learning. 

I really am grateful and excited about continuing this journey through Spring’s wisdom and tutelage. She has helped move mountains and I know there is much more to accomplish. Thank you for helping me remove a great deal of the intimidation and replace it with confidence and a belief that I do truly deserve abundance. The sessions are much like the battle of recovery for me where significant growth may take place. The results are both tangible and intangible. Worth it!!


Christer Edman, Social Media Strategist at eMindSet and Coach at Lernia

“Spring is a role model with a genuine interest in people and her leadership is outstanding since she makes you grow for every meeting. I have met many leaders and coaches during my working life in both big and small companies on different levels. But none before as Spring, she guides you with a crystal clear insight and wisdom few people ever come close to during a lifetime. She is a true source of inspiration who lets our passion and dreams be possible. Thanks for Spring’s coaching! If you want to make progress in your life I recommend you to choose Spring.”


Weijia Lin, MBA, Marketing Intern at Stepping Out Dance Studios

“Fully trusting a stranger is like a gamble, but it has never happened between Sping and I. Our coach-coachee relationship started from a thorough trust since the very first meeting. She used abundant experience and professional coaching skills to lead me to a realization of who I am, what my goals are, and my dreams which I had never opened-up to anyone before. Her coaching aided me to find out my true career passion, which is subverting, compared with my initial mind. Given a series of coaching, I built up a sense and habit of exploring myself before decisions and actions, which turns out not that scary any more. Spring coaches under a logical, step-by-step, and challenging progress. I discovered my new strength and overcame main obstacles every time when I was encouraged and mentored to jump out of my comfort zone. Our coaching sessions are held in multiple ways at mutual convenience, including in-person meeting, skype video conference, phone call meeting, or Q&A through email, supported with systematic exercises and downloadable guidance where I could note my thoughts and answers. In retrospect, it’s easy to trace my improvement by reviewing every coaching preparation form and exercise note. With Spring’s professional and strategic coaching support, I am now confidently designing and creating my ideal career after MBA, connecting actively with more meaningful contacts, participating in dynamic projects that are constructive to building my passion career, and catching up greater opportunities in my target field. I would highly recommend Spring’s coaching to any MBA peers and professionals with full trust and confidence.”


Jane Idell, Founder of Counseling Essentials

“I have been attending Spring Zheng’s Mastermind Group sessions via Skype. I am a provider of professional development. I have been starting up my own business this past year and this mastermind group has proved to be an excellent support system. Spring Zheng, the head of this mastermind group has been highly organized in her establishment and management of the group. Ms. Zheng has organized sequential, logical goals for each group session. She is also highly effective in using these goals to better elicit the needs of the group members and help key into members’ concerns and goals. Ms. Zheng is highly professional in her demeanor and approach to each mastermind session. It is evident that she is well versed and very skilled in how to coach effectively. She is very pleasant and respectful of group members. Coaching with Ms. Zheng has helped me to remain optimistic despite setbacks with her focused, optimistic energy. Ms. Zheng has also helped me to set clear, functional goals and been holding me accountable for implementation. I would highly recommend this mastermind group for anyone interested in developing powerful mindset and entrepreneurial skills necessary for developing their business.”


Stacia Adams, Desktop Publishing Professor at University of the Virgin Islands

“Spring is an amazing organizer. She brings people together from all different walks of life to unite for the common good. Her leadership ability is dedicated and motivational. I highly recommend Spring to work for any organization or individual.

Spring’sTop qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity.”


Ashish Dharia, Client Engagement Manager for Deutche Bank Project at Steria Sopra Consulting

“It is about five times I have spoken to her till now and I can already feel Spring is what Spring is…true to her name ie.. a metaphor for the start of better times. Her ideas are fantastic and she brings them to life by implementing them strategically. She is a good communicator and has a good convincing potential. For example in my case she has created a third party platform which has enabled me to discuss my goals at an international forum giving me the leverage to get some best advices to propel myself further. I have not only added some good friends bringing me happiness and love I am also gaining by their advice.”


Jescel Gem Flores, Recruitment/Admin/HR Specialist, Humantek Incorporated

“Spring gave me the zeal to write and share my thoughts to the public. She invited me to join the group and I did due to her nice and brief invitation. Though I didn’t know her that much, the communication she gave me in order for me to cope with the group is fulfilling. I can strongly say that she is best to be part of your friends’ list.”


Rolando J. Gómez Jiménez, Executive Consultant an Advisor in HR, Human Development and Labor Relations, Independiente

“Since I knew about “Spring Magic Life Society” and started to be linked with the group I have always been touched by the material and comments of everybody and especially by Spring. Her job, commitment and dedication have built a great site for grow, share love, belief and hope. Always I am sure that in Spring Magic Life Society there will be something wonderful.”


Alan Folk, PHR, NCCP, Tutor I (Geometry and Pre-Algebra), Kennedy Academy

“Spring is both a continual source of inspiration and a life coach dedicated to bringing balance for professionals between work and personal fulfillment. Through her website, her articles, and her Linkedin group, I have rediscovered myself, my family, happiness, joy, and love. I have the utmost respect for her work, her dedication to helping others, her selfless service, and her commitment to family and work. Through her, many professionals can unlock the door to happiness.”


Mohamed Amroussi,Country Representative at The Institute for Leadership and Global Education (ILGE)

“Spring is her name and she is as her name,she is a source of inspiration and engagement for herself and for the others, I wish her continuous success and progress.”


Lane Rees, Owner, Human Resource Solutions, Inc.

“It is my honor and privilege to recommend Spring Zheng.
Spring has initiated and developed Spring Magic Life Society with numerous topics for people to write and discuss. The topics cause writers to be creative, passionate, rethink their own positions, change, be firmer in convictions, and others. It is delightful to see Spring bringing wisdom, insights, love and more to readers and responders.
She has gift and pleased Spring is sharing it! I recommend her completely.”


Laura Bedford, Founder, Radiant Kids

“Spring is wondrous. She is an uplifter and people connector extraordinaire. Every community in the world benefits when folks like Spring are around.”


Pamela M. Higham, Payroll * Benefits * HR Specialist

“Spring is a talented and passionate individual, driven to build strong relationships of value. As a member of her group “Spring Magic Life Society – Love Wisdom Happiness” on LinkedIn I have enjoyed her brilliant posts and how, at times, they can move you from your comfort zone into thoughtfulness, to change the way you perceive a situation and ideas on how to achieve your higher goals. Spring is a really thoughtful, caring individual and I am confident you will find great value in working with her.

Spring’s Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative.”


Alok Gupta, Seed Technologist, KBCL, South Korea

“Spring is one of the best motivational speaker, writer and corporate trainer. She has high positive energy and cheering attitude. The group “Spring Magic Life Society” it self reveled her nature and her enthusiasms to serve human for betterment of their life, relation & society. Though professional, wonderful person to be work with & to be have active communication. I wish her all the success in future endeavors.”


Amit Deokule, Certified Life Balance Coach/Master Spirit life Coach at Certified Coach Alliance, Canada and Professional Musician

“This is my true pleasure to recommend you as you are the perfect strategist who understands people better and make them involved in showing the path towards happiness. We have been associated with each other for past 6-7 months but being in your group of Magic Of Life-Wisdom , Love and Happiness, I could realize that you value people and their existence truly. This is the best quality. In the present world Humanity is necessary and if someone like you with all intelligence required ( Emotional as well Intellectual quocient) is making an attempt towards the excellence for the humanity , sky is the limit. You have a perfect combination for all these things. I wish you a good luck for you being a good human and diligent professional ,too and believe I am your genuine well-wisher always.”


Terence Roberts, Service Coordinator (Parts), MAHLE Filter Systems Canada LLC

“Spring formed a leading edge goup, that has grown and evolved into an entity beyond words. The growth and sucess of the group can be directy attributed to Springs strong skills in communication, vision, and proactivity in managing the group.”


Harvey Cooper, Music Industry Consultant, Coopermarket

“I have been communicating with Spring for some time now on her Spring Magic Life Society on Linkedin, and I would like to recommend her to anyone who wants to be represented by a unique professional who can reach into your perceptions and create answers that will give you the confidence to move forward. As a professional consultant myself, I have had this experience…..Harvey Cooper / Owner Coopermarket”


Ashwini Ithape, Owner, Pragmatic Manpower Solutions

“Here is the introduction of one “Positive Energy”..Spring..she is really Magic..:)..I met to Spring on one was, Purpose of life..and my answer was”Self Identity”..she did it appreciate and then onward we started to communicate..She gave me a right path to find my “Self Identity” by the group “Spring Magic Life Society”.. Since the beginning of our communication, i found her very energetic..Her greatest talent to “Motivate” human beings towards their life,towards their aim is really very appreciable..I personally do feel very”Positive” with her and with all discussions get follow by group members..She is having a very good presence of sense with positive attitude towards life, relations & society..She is the ocean on positive energy..always cheerful..I wish all the success & happiness to Spring for her future..:)..Be Positive,Spread Positive & live with Positive…..With Love,Wisdom & Happiness.”


Michael Kiffmeyer, Digital Marketing Professional

“Spring has great coaching and follow-up skills. She is very professional, a great listener, and focuses on her client’s needs. Spring offers common sense and effective techniques to get beyond your barriers to increased success. She has a large variety of tools to help individuals in life, career and business to achieve their higher goals. Whether one-on-one or in a class, you will get long term beneficial results by working with her to gain focus, get organized, and /or clarify and reach your goals.

Spring’s Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity”


Susan Bredeken, Administrative Office Professional, Contract Worker

“I like reading all the notes by Spring Zheng. It brings me peace and reminds me about the simple things of what really matters in life, love of family, friends and work. :)”


Ram Kanala, Sr. Technical Architect

“Hi Spring, very pleased to meet you! I really admire your profession, where lot of needy will be benefited by your valuable guidance and support, makes them bring their life / profession back in track and lead better life. I wish you great success and bring more lights into lot of people in the world. I really appreciate your efforts and job! Have a great life ahead!!”


Laura Bozzay, Managing Member and Co-Owner at Adventures In Spice, LLC

“I have been a member of an international focus group for the past 6 months developed by Spring for the purpose of bringing people together to help each person make and attain goals of interest to them and their businesses. Spring has been visionary in her creation of the group. She has demonstrated a positive attitude and a willingness to work with others around the world. She is collaborative, focused, multi-lingual, compassionate, and goal oriented. She has also begun interviewing people for a book she is writing about doing what you love. Her interview process was both organized and probing. Answering the questions had a positive impact in my own life because her questions really made me think about what I was doing and why. She has an ability to understand the forces that motivate and conversely hold someone back. She has a great coaching style and is adept at helping others see the strengths they have to build upon. I can recommend Spring as a life coach from watching her interactions with this international group.”


Yvonne Thackray, Professional Coach, The Good Coach

“Spring’s energy and passion to achieving her life purpose and share with all those she comes in contact with is contagious! Her determination, risk-taking and structured approach are just some of the key strengths that support’s Spring to succeed. It’s been a great opportunity to work with Spring in the Mastermind group.”


Uday Acharya, Managing Director, Mindflex – The Learning Organization

“Spring is committed to empowering her associates and clients with her insights, feedback, resources and motivation. She speaks the language of love and integrity as a way to deepen interpersonal trust and professional relationships. I have been interacting with her over the past few months and her ability to absorb, learn and apply is phenomenal. I cherish her as a good friend and wonderful human being.”




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